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Dental Veneers at Just Dentall

Dentall Care Center

A dental porcelain veneer of high quality .It’s easy to get a smile that you have always dreamt about! A veneer is a thin plate made of porcelain which covers a front of the tooth and allows to correct small imperfections like the shape or the colour. The veneers are used mostly for the frontal teeth (to create a beautiful smile – like Holywood smile).

In some cases if the tooth is too worn or broken it’s better to choose a dental crown instead of veneer. The result will be stronger and more natural.

Bleaching with Zoom

Thanks to the last technique of bleaching you will gain the teeth 5-6 tints whiter!

Our technology of bleaching the teeth allows to remove the traces of coffee, tea, tobacco, wine and also the consequence of the antibiotics treatment (tetracycline). The bleaching with Zoom gives an immediate result that is really effective and long lasting (till 2 years).

With this technology the teeth are bleached very nicely without damaging of the enamel. The treatment lasts approximately 1 hour and is absolutely painless. As a result you have white, shining and natural colour.

With this technique we can apply up to 3 seances with an interval of several days. It means that if after the first session you would like to have the teeth whiter, we can apply another seance of bleaching in 2-3 days. We would like to attract your attention that our price includes the necessary quantity of bleaching sessions (without any extra costs).